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Property Maintenance

Switching Roofs


AK Home Roofers, have over 30 years Individual experience for all of your roof repairs.  Our Roofers will leave your roof like new !

Carpenter Craving in Wood


AK Home Carpenters were taught by highly skilled Cabinet Makers of their era, continuing the highest of standards to this modern day.


AK Home Electricians have both Residential & Commercial experience in everything electrical and are RECI Approved.

Our Team Of Professionals

At AK Home, we pride ourselves on having the very best professional tradesmen in the market.  

Our knowledge and experience in each field is unparalleled.

When you engage AK Home for a project, you will experience the comfort of knowing that you have engaged the best professionals to look after your home.

No matter what project you are looking to have carried out, AK Home will treat your project as our own, so contact us today for a chat and a free quote.

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